Meir was born in 1922 in the Old City of Jerusalem to a family which made aliyah in the 1850s. He studied in elementary school and then went to learn radio technology and electronics. He became a student at the British Institute, in which one could study and be tested by correspondence. In 1937, when he was only fifteen, he applied to the postal service for a job, and he found an internship at the radio station.

Meir was educated in the nationalist spirit, with love for the homeland, and in 1938, he joined the IZL. He was sent to put up posters, to carry messages and to observe. He underwent training and a course in firearms, and in 1939, as the IZL began to focus on British targets, he was charged with bombing the radio station, which he did. The explosion caused massive destruction and stopped the radio broadcasts. Meir was suspected, arrested and sent to administrative detainment in Mizra, where he sat for some months until he was released for lack of evidence. In 1940, when the IZL split, he joined Yair and became a Lehi member.

In 1941, the CID found firearms and explosives on the roof of his home. He was suspected and arrested again. Even though the CID could not prove a connection, he was once again sent to Mizra.

After two Lehi members escaped from the camp (Yitzhak Shamir and Eliyahu Giladi), the detainees were sent to Latrun, where Meir remained until he was deported with a group of IZL and Lehi detainees to Africa: first to Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea), then to Carthago (Sudan), then back to Eritrea and finally to Gilgil (Kenya).

He was returned to Israel after the establishment of the State in 1948, and he immediately joined the IDF, serving during the War of Independence in the Air Force. Afterwards, he re-upped, finally retiring from the army as a major.

In civilian life, he worked at Bedek Airplanes in the Lod (Ben-Gurion) Airport. Some time later, he became the head electronics technician in the Mekorot water company.

Meir passed away in July 1975 after a lengthy disease. He left behind a wife, son and daughter.