NAME: Zeitouni Binyamin


DATE OF BIRTH: November 11, 1925

DATE OF DEATH: May 11, 2021

Binyamin was born on November 11,1925 in Binyamina to Shoshana and Yitzchak. His father’s family, Zeitouni, resided many generations in Israel. Binyamin,  eldest, had two sisters and two brothers. He attended Binyamina elementary school, afterwards helped his parents at their farm.

Recruited to Lehi in Binyamina 1944, he was pasting up info-bulletins and doing  light weapons training. From 1946, he participated in operations against British targets: mining roads, exploding British soldiers’ jeep, sabotage of  cargo trains to derail them,  detonating the Hadera Stream Bridge near the quarry. A new wooden bridge was built and burnt down, same day.

On February 29,1948 the train leaving Kantara Egypt for Beirut was detonated. It reached Binyamina and was attacked – the last train  ever to use those rails.

Following the UN Partition Resolution, he participated in several operations against  Arab murderous attacks, including at Kanir village near Givat-Ada.

The Arabs who inhabited Caesarea, originally Bosnian Muslims, were in the habit of attacking Jewish vehicles en route to Haifa. Driving in their bus, aiming their guns out the windows, they’d shoot buses heading for Haifa,  then return to Caesarea. One day, a small Lehi group from Binyamina blew the snipers’  bus up on its way from Caesarea, and the small group of Arabs who remained, returned to their departure point,  Arb-el- Brara village (today: Or Akiva), through Ali Bak (Pardes Hanna), and other Arab villages in the area; they ceased shooting at Jewish transportation. In the Sheikh-Mounis parade in which Lehi members were conscripted to the IDF, May 29,1948, Binyamin joined the 82nd Battalion, as an  explosives expert, and as an 81m”m Mortar operator. He participated in all the Brigade’s battles and was discharged from active duty 1950. He served in the Reserves in the 9th Brigade during the 1956 Sinai Campaign, and participated in the conquest of Sharm-al-Sheikh . He was released from duty aged 55, following the Yom Kippur War. In 1949 he married Ruth Wilder, another Binyamina native. They have two daughters, a son and nine grandchildren. Since his release from the IDF to this day, Binyamin works in agriculture          .