Zvi was born on July 6,1922 in Lodz  Poland, youngest of Rosa and Avraham’s four children; Avraham worked in commerce. The family, who were observant with nationalist Zionist views, made Aliyah  1933 and settled in Tel-Aviv. Zvi studied at “Tachkemoni” School and was active in Beitar. From there he  joined  Etzel and when Etzel split, joined Lehi under Yair’s leadership in 1941,  taking the nom-de-guerre Zehavi.

Simultaneously, he worked at “Phillips” as an electronics engineer, marketing  their products. When Lehi began developing an intelligence branch in 1943, Zvi was among the first members. He soon became one of its senior members, working in almost all intelligence fields of the period: Army, CID, Police, British Administration and Hagannah. He excelled making contacts with people working in British facilities, convincing them to work for Lehi.

He initiated many intelligence systems reforms as well as ideas for combat operations and sabotage within enemy bases. Through his connections with civilians employed at British bases, he laid two explosive charges at the entrance of the Sarafend Base (Tsrifin) military cinema, causing the enemy casualties. Through his banking and business expertise, he gathered a great deal of information for operations involving money confiscation for underground use. There wasn’t a field of Intelligence where  he didn’t leave his mark. He also demanded to participate in combat action, such as  exploding the “Na’aman Bridge” south of Akko, an operation vital towards disrupting British military traffic.

May 1948 he joined the IDF’s Lehi Brigade, and was appointed Signals Sergeant- Major of the 8th Brigade. He administrated the Brigade’s Signals laboratory and participated in most of the Brigade’s battles until the war ended. Following the war he married Ayala Rosh. When their son Ofer was born, he established “Tzlil”, a company for importing, marketing and servicing electrical appliances, which prospered. A car-tire punctured while he was driving his car injuring Zviseverely; from then on his health deteriorated. Zvi passed away August 2,1990 and was buried in Kiryat-Shaul. He left behind a wife, son, and four grandchildren.