NAME: Zehavi (Gelb) Yosef


DATE OF BIRTH: July 27, 1921

DATE OF DEATH: November 1, 1986

Yosef was born in Tisso-Uyluk Czechoslovakia on July 27,1921, to Scheindel and Yitzhak,  Rabbi from a family of  scholars. From 1927 his family lived in Uherski Brud, Czech-Moravia; his father was the Orthodox community’s Rabbi and butcher. Yosef studied at public school plus Hebrew and religious subjects with his father.

He continued at  Czech Teachers Seminary Muncatch while active in  Beitar. When the Hungarians penetrated Muncatch 1938 commencing anti-Semitic activities, Yosef returned to his parents’ house  then decided to immigrate to Israel with Beitar’s “Af-Al-Pi” clandestine Aliyah. Sailing from Constansa  aboard the “Katina”, January1929, after three dangerous months at sea, Yospeh reached Netanya shore, Pesach 1939. He immediately joined  Beitar Rosh-Pina and Etzel; later he was active at Nachlat-Yitzhak near Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion and Nes-Ziona.

When Etzel split he joined Lehi. Yosef moved to Tel-Aviv, worked in diamonds, and was active in Lehi: surveillance and gathering info. He concentrated on education, training and recruitment. His room  sheltered  Lehi members nightly, whom he supported financially. When his parents and sister arrived  aboard the “Patria”, he joined them and supported them. During the Independence War he joined the IDF, 8th Brigade’s 82nd Battalion, and participated in the Wars of Israel.

After discharge, he graduated Levinsky Seminary, taught 35 years, and administered elementary and high schools, Ulpans in Hadera and  Tel-Aviv. He ran the Teachers Seminary in Safed and served as superintendent in the south. Between 1957-59, the Jewish Agency and Ministry of Education sent him on  mission  to Rio Brazil. In 1962-65 he was sent to Capetown South Africa, teaching and administering  Hebrew schools.

He was active in the Likud, especially  the Academics Department and  education. He completed his BA at Hebrew University Jerusalem, his MA at University of Tel-Aviv. He focused on history of the nation of Israel, and handed in a dissertation for a third degree. He was a man of the book; an educator for whom teaching was destiny and a way of life.

Yosef passed away suddenly, November 1,1986. He left behind wife Raya, sons Yitzchak and Ze’ev, daughter Eliya, plus ten grandchildren.