NAME: Ze’evi (Villek) Aryeh


DATE OF DEATH: 4 August, 2002

Ze’evi Aryeh son of Zipporah and Ya’akov was born in 1916 and made aliya to Israel in 1924.

Ze’ev Arieh and his wife Frida nee Colodoni Frida joined the Lehi and were avid supporters. They organized hiding locations for the underground leadership and safeguarded them during their meetings. Meetings of Lehi and the Etzel were held at their home, and they were under the command of Ya’akov Eliav (Yishka) “Aviel” and Natan Yellin Mor “Gera”.

Aryeh Ze’evi rented a building in Bnei Brak under the pretext of a carpentry shop. Behind a partition in the carpentry shop, was the underground printer and it was hidden there for several months until it was discovered by children from the neighborhood.

Aryeh was arrested after the assassination of Count Bernadotte, and when he was released from prison, he enlisted in the IDF.

He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.

Aryeh died on August 4th, 2002 and was laid to rest in the Lehi section in the Holon cemetery.