Moshe was born in Jerusalem on July 2,1932 to his parents Shoshana and Levi, who emigrated with their families from Buchara out of religious and Zionist motivation. His family lived in the Bucharan neighbourhood of Jerusalem with their two children. His father owned a barbershop.

Moshe studied at a local Talmud-Torah and at the religious school ‘Doresh-Zion’. After finishing  elementary school, he worked in his father’s barbershop and then as electrician. At a young age he joined Beitar and upon recommendation of friends, was recruited to Lehi by Alexander Robovitch, later kidnapped and murdered by the British.

Moshe was engaged in pasting up info-bulletins. He underwent training courses 1946 for weapons, ideology and information. During the War of Independence he was active in the Talbiyeh and Lifta bases. He participated in the May 15,1948 operation to conquer the Old City, commanded by “Meir”. On the way to breaking through into the Old City he was injured in  his entire body and eyes from an Arab hand grenade, and lay one month at the “Ticho” hospital, Jerusalem. He was transferred to Tel-Aviv to recover at his grandfather’s house. Following the assassination of Bernadotte he moved to Haifa and recruited people for the Fighters’ Party. He served in the IDF Armoured Corps 1950 -1952. Moshe participated in the Sinai Campaign, Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War. He joined Kibbutz Megido 1954 for 2.5 years, because he wanted to farm.

Returning to Jerusalem, he worked with street children on behalf of the  Welfare Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality; children  who were abandoned and on the verge of delinquency, teaching them  reading, writing and  gardening. Some integrated into the workforce. He met his wife Meira Cohen, native of Moza whose family were Moza founders (about whom the book “Settlers on the Mountain” was written) in Jerusalem. They were married 1959 and settled in  Moshav Amirim in the Galilee 1960  doing farming, particularly fruit trees. Their three sons and  daughter married and established their home in Amirim where all residents live as vegetarians. They have six grandchildren.

Moshe is vice president of the National Fruit Council.