NAME: Zamir Roni nee Burstein

DATE OF BIRTH: May 25, 1910

DATE OF DEATH: August 25, 2002

Roni was born on May 25,1910 in Constantinovka, Ukraine to Mordechai and Yaffa. She had two brothers, Naftali and Nechemya and studied music from age six. The children studied Hebrew privately. Grandfather Menachem Burstein and  wife came to Israel 1913. Her family made Aliyah (with no money) and settled in Jerusalem.

After high-school Roni studied at Hebrew University Mt. Scopus, where she met Avraham Stern. Yair had arrived in Israel alone. Her mother “adopted” him as son. Roni was accepted at Vienna Music Conservatory 1929 and journeyed there. Yair won awards; the University sent him to complete his PhD in Florence. Roni completed her studies 1932. She found out about Yair’s underground activities. They decided to marry when he returned, but he was sent for official talks with the Polish government.

Roni visited Yair in Poland 1935. He told her they had to separate, since he could  be arrested and easily killed due to his activities; she returned to Israel devastated. Their friend David Raziel summoned them and on January 31,1936 they were wed.  Roni worked with music, Yair dealt in Irgun matters. When the White Book was published 1939,  Raziel was arrested. Yair replaced him.

When WWII broke out, Yair and all  Irgun Command members got arrested. Roni followed close behind so she could visit him. A year later he was released, but the split had already occurred; ‘Wanted’ posters of him were up everywhere forcing the couple into hiding. Roni rented a room for him, lived with her parents and visited him Friday nights, in the dark. Police searches for him multiplied.  Roni was pregnant. Their marriage continued furtively, in the streets of Tel-Aviv; mere hours snatched in the mantle of darkness. Yair, sensed his end was near. Roni realised her baby would be fatherless. She heard of Yair’s murder on the radio. Six months later, their son Yair was born. Roni has four grandchildren from him. She continued  teaching music and married musician Dov Zamir. They had daughter Miri and three grandchildren.

Roni passed away on August 24, 2002, and is buried at Yarkon Cemetary.