NAME: Yitzhakov David


DATE OF BIRTH: 25 January 1928

DATE OF DEATH: 27 May 1996

David Yitzhakov, son of Esther and Baruch, was born in Jerusalem in the Bucharim neighborhood on Tuesday, January 25th, 1928. The family lived in the Bucharim neighborhood in Jerusalem and David received a religious education. He joined the Lehi in 1946 under Dov Berman “Uzi”. He participated in hanging posters with the assistance of his sister Shulamit. He also participated in McMichael’s failed assassination attempt. He transferred explosives that were hidden in crates of oranges and managed to evade the British after being stopped at a checkpoint.

One of the operations he participated in was uncovered by an Arab shepherd who exposed the details of the operation and David was arrested after being wanted for a long time by the British Army. He was briefly detained in Kishla in the Old City of Jerusalem. He then stayed in the Atlit and Latrun detention camps. He assisted Dov Berman “Uzi” in his escape from Latrun. In 1954, David married Shulamit, his neighbor and the love of his youth. They moved to Tel Aviv and had two children, Uzi and Tamar.

David died on May 27th, 1996, and was laid to rest in Yarkon Cemetery.