Shalom, son of Shmuel and Ethel, was born in 1920 in the Carpathian Mountains in what was then Czechoslovakia. The family had four children, two brothers and two sisters.

The family was secular, with the father owning a tavern. Shalom studied in a local school. When he was young, he lived in the town of Brechstat, where he worked as an upholsterer.

Shalom’s family stayed in Europe, where his parents and brother died in Auschwitz. His sisters survived and were sent to Sweden as part of an effort to save Jewish orphans by its government. They live there to this day.

Shalom joined Beitar and planned his aliyah. The group was organized in Brno, Czech Republic, embarking on the ship Katina in Constanța, Romania. This illegal aliyah venture was successful, and after reaching Netanya in 1939, they scattered among Beitar branches throughout the Land of Israel.

Shalom joined the one in Be’er Yaakov. After the split, he joined Lehi in Rishon LeZion and trained with firearms. In 1942, he was arrested and sent to the Jaffa Prison, from there to Acre and then to Latrun. There he helped organize the breakout, but was under orders not to attempt escape himself. He was then transferred to detention camps in Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya. After the establishment of the State, he returned on 12 July 1948, among the last. He immediately enlisted in the IDF’s 8th Brigade, in the commando Battalion 89 of the Armored Brigade, where most of the Lehi men served.

In 1951, he married Idit, who had recently made aliyah from Romania. They had two sons and numerous grandchildren.

Shalom owned a furniture store until 1997. He kept in contact with his fellow underground veterans and appeared at lectures by the members of the movement.

His wife passed away in 1989, and Shalom passed away on May 19,2001.