Aharon was born in the city of Lodz on 6.8.1923 to Rivka and Yaakov. The family was middle-class, and Aharon was educated in a private school, Gymnasium Schweitzer. The home was traditional and Zionist. At age ten, he joined the Beitar movement, participating in both summer and winter camps. He was sent to participate in the Polish Gadna training program named after Berek Joselewicz, where he learned how to use firearms despite his young age. He planned aliyah. On 12.2.1939, he made aliya from Constanța, Romania, on the ship Chapo. After two weeks, they hit a barge near Crete, and the passengers reached the shore in boats. All the people survived, but their personal effects and food were lost. The ship Katina, filled with six hundred Czech and Hungarian Mapilim banished from the shores of the Land of Israel by the British, picked them up, and thus twelve hundred Mapilim made their way to the Land of Israel. On the last day of Passover, they reached their destination and disembarked at the Kfar Vitkin beach. Aharon joined the Labor Company of Beitar in the Ekron settlement (Mazkeret Batya), most of whose people came from Lodz.

After the split, he joined Lehi and moved to Rishon LeZion. He took a course in fireteams and a course in ideology. He handled communications for Yehoshua Cohen. He found a job at the Tzrifin Army Base, in a mine factory, with the aim of smuggling out explosive materials for underground use. However, the workers were so thoroughly searched that this proved impossible, so he quit.

Aharon was arrested on 14.2.1942, two days after Yair’s murder, apparently due to an informant. After CID interrogation in Jaffa, he was imprisoned for thirty days. Afterwards, he was transferred to Mizra and from there to Latrun. After the escape of twenty prisoners, those who were left were punished and transferred to the Acre Prison for eight months. From Acre they were returned to Latrun, and after a short period, they were exiled together with 251 other prisoners to Asmara in Eritrea, and from there to Sudan and Kenya. Aharon came back with the last of the exiles, on 12.7.1948, and he immediately enlisted in the IDF. He served in Battalion 89 in the 8th Brigade, in Blond Dov’s company. After he attended a raiding course for sergeants, he was loaned out to be an instructor at a school for tank crews. When the brigade was disbanded, he was transferred to the armored school. In October 1949, he was discharged from the IDF. In his reserve duty, he took a course for intelligence sergeants and became part of the 8th Brigade, which had been reconstituted, as a brigade intelligence sergeant.

In late 1949, Aharon married Hedva Steinberg, who served in the IDF as a nurse and treated him in hospital. They had two children: a daughter Leora and a son Ze’ev. They have six grandchildren.

After being demobilized, he worked in the Ministry of the Interior, as a border inspector at Ben-Gurion Airport. From 1954 to 1974, he worked as a hospital warder. From 1974 until 1986, he was employed in the aircraft industry. He retired in 1986