NAME: Yerushalmi, Avraham

LEHI ALIAS: Barzilai


DATE FALLEN: July 10, 1948

Avraham was born in Jerusalem in 1930, mere months after the 5689 riots. His mother was Simcha and his father Zion. He joined Lehi at a young age, once he was finished with grade school, and was careful to hide his activities from his parents.

As with other Lehi youth, his main activities were putting up posters and disseminating promotional materials, very dangerous pursuits in those days, risking arrest or even death. He also recruited members and smuggled and stored weapons.

In the winter of 1948, at the beginning of the war, he volunteered for active combat duty with the Lehi units fighting the Arabs in Jerusalem. He was wounded by shrapnel and set to be discharged, but he refused. After he recovered, he retuned to duty. In his last operation, he was among the Lehi fighters attacking “the Tin Shack” in what is now Kiryat HaYovel, then known as Beit Mazmil.

This was after the first truce, July 10, 1948. Avraham fell providing covering fire for his friends and was buried in Sheikh Badr A.

On 10 September 1950, he was transferred to the Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery.