Freida was born in Riebiņi, Latvia on 9.11.1915 to her father Shmuel and her mother Anna Yona. When she was two, the family had to flee due to the danger faced by her father, who was a man of means. They settled in Grodno. Freida attended a Hebrew-language kindergarten, then began first grade at the brand-new Tarbut School (also in Hebrew). At the age of 16.5, she moved to Bialystok, where she completed her studies at the Hebrew high school.

She then moved to Warsaw to attend university. With the outbreak of World War II, she married Natan Friedman-Yallin (who would change his last name to Yallin-Mor). They left the bombed-out city the day after their wedding, beginning a monthlong odyssey. The lived for a year then in Vilna. Afterwards, they made their way to Israel via Moscow, Odessa, the Black Sea, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Passing through Rosh HaNikra, they arrived in Haifa in early 1941, then settled in Tel Aviv.

Freida’s entire family perished in the Holocaust. Natan wrote about the experience in his book The Years Before, published by Kinneret. Shortly after the split, he and Frieda joined Yair and became Lehi members. A year later, Natan was sent by Yair to Syria. While he was abroad, Freida kept in contact with Yair and provided refuge for her comrades who were sought by the CID. In her own house (later moved to 30 Dizengoff), a course was taught; the participants were caught and two of them killed.

Early in 1942, Frieda was arrested, and most of the five years of her imprisonment were spent in the Women’s Prison in Bethlehem. She was released only in late 1947, due to the persistent efforts of Shlomo Yaakov, a family member, as well as her severely worsening health.

Afterwards, Freida published stencils for Lehi and other odd jobs. Her time in Lehi ended when the underground was disbanded in 1948.

After the Bernadotte assassination, when she was eight months pregnant with her first daughter, Dorit, Frieda was arrested by the Palmach and imprisoned for five days: two days in the Dizengoff Police Station, and the rest in the army base at Sheikh Munis. She was released by the direct orders of Ben-Gurion, once he learned she was pregnant.

Dorit was born in 1948. Afterwards, Freida dedicated herself to her family. In 1951, her son Elisha was born.

Freida Yallin-Mor passed away on 9.8.1994,. Natan died on 18.2.1980. They are both buried in the Lehi section of the Holon Cemetery.