Aharon was born in 1917 in Aden to Yefet and Hana. In 1923, he made aliyah with his parents and three brothers. The family lived in the Neve Zedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv, on Mahane Yosef Street.

Aharon studied in the Tachkemoni School, then in the Balfour Gymnasium. He joined the Hagana and patrolled Zikhron Yaakov and the area until the riots of 1936-1939 came to a close.

He played soccer for Maccabi North, even taking part in the Maccabiah Games. Because his English was so good, he got a job at the British Army base in Rafiah. In 1942, he was sent on an intelligence mission to Beirut along with two comrades, Goel Ozeri and Yehuda Yarimi. They disguised themselves as Arabs and carried identification to verify this. Their mission was to gather information for the representatives of the Free French government about attitudes within the population. Due to the breakouts from various prisons across the Land of Israel, the British suspected that three of them were actually different wanted men who had fled to Beirut. However, their French contact made clear the mistake, and all three got home safe and sound. After a period of disconnection, Aharon reconnected with Lehi, taking and eventually teaching courses in weaponry. He took part in numerous operations, from blowing up the Naaman Bridge (on the Night of the Bridges), attacking the Kfar Syrkin airfield, blowing up the CID on the way to Jaffa (and killing Major John Doran), blowing up the railways, seizing cash and diamonds, and more.

In 1947, Aharon was arrested and imprisoned in Latrun for eight months. After he was released, he returned to active duty with Lehi. When Arab attacks began after the announcement of the Partition Plan, he was transferred to Jerusalem and joined the fighters. In Septmeber 1948, after the Bernadotte assassination, Lehi was disbanded and Aharon joined the IDF, until 1949. He then worked as a customs officer at the Lod Airport (later renamed Ben-Gurion Airport).

In 1952, he married Devora, an IZL member in Jerusalem (nicknamed Ofra). They had two sons: Avner (b. 1953) and Ofer (b. 1955), as well as numerous grandchildren.

In 1955, he started working for El-Al as a transportation officer, going on to represent the company in various countries worldwide, until he retired. Aharon passed away at age 77 on 11 Adar 5754, 22.2.1994.