Yehoshua was born in Egypt on June 16,1930. His parents Yitzhak and Emily lived in Jerusalem, but the latter wanted to bring him into the world in a peaceful place — her parents’ home in Alexandria. She delivered there and returned after a month. Yehoshua was the fourth in a family of six children. Both his father Yitzhak (a native of the land) and his mother raised their children in a nationalist home. One of his brothers, David, was an IZL member, while another, Ezra “Elnakam” was known as a Lehi fighter in Jerusalem.

Yehoshua grew up in Mahane Yehuda. He studied in Ratisbonne Elementary School, then began working while attending the Daat Gymnasium High School in the evenings. As a boy, he was a courier, and he followed his brother’s footsteps and even joined Lehi, at age fifteen. At first, he was a member of a youth cell, posting posters and disseminating promotional materials. In short order, he managed to recruit almost all of his friends, from his own neighborhood and from the surrounding ones as well, to the movement. When he was putting up posters in the early morning hours, he would bring his phylacteries with him as an alibi, claiming he was on his way to synagogue. He also trailed and surveilled, and in his work at the potash company, he was able to establish a secret armory for Lehi, in a location which was above all police suspicion. Although he pestered his superiors to transfer him to the combat brigade, these efforts were not successful.

In 1946, a year after joining the underground, he was arrested while putting up posters in Jerusalem’s city center. After interrogation he was released, but two weeks later the police burst into his home and arrested him. He was imprisoned for a month for putting up posters, but at the end of his imprisonment he was transferred to Latrun, where he sat until 1948. With the other prisoners, he was transferred to Atlit, from which he was released in April of that year. Once he was free, he enlisted in the IDF and joined the battles in the Jerusalem area, as part of a heavy mortar company. He completed officers’ training and was discharged as a lieutenant.

Afterwards, he joined the Israel Police, where he served for a quarter-century. He climbed the career ladder quickly, taking a special course for senior officers and served in a number of important command positions, including Chief of Police for Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Hebron. He also served in Police Intelligence in counterterrorism. He reached the rank of Chief Superintendent. He studied at Hebrew University and received a degree in Islamic history and Eastern studies.

In 1959, he married Hannah Sati, producer of the news diary at the Broadcasting Authority. He succumbed to a serious illness on April 16,1983. Yehoshua left behind a wife, three daughters and a son.