NAME: Yaakovi (Nelson), Moshe


DATE OF BIRTH: august 17, 1930

Moshe was born to Shmuel and Hava on 17 August, 1930, in New York. They had emigrated from Poland in 1911, before World War I — Shmuel from Będzin and Hava from Lodz. Moshe studied in Brooklyn in a technical high school, joining Beitar at age thirteen. From the youth movement he drew his commitment to Zionism and the Land of Israel. In summer 1945, while he was in the Beitar Camp in which Jabotinsky died, he was recruited to Lehi. This changed the course of his life.

The Lehi men ordered him to leave Beitar, in order to conceal his association with nationalist circles. He was trained in the fundamentals of Yair’s ideology by his instructors, Zefoni Shomron and Binyamin Gaffner, Lehi’s representatives in the Untied States, and he was trained in weaponry. He put up posters and distributed promotional materials at Zionist gatherings; he also distributed the periodical Maas. Moshe took part in planning actions against British diplomatic offices and the UN, but these came to naught. He was responsible for a cell in which he trained others in weaponry and lecturing. He was active in the Lehi supporters’ group (FFFI), which continued to operate until after the Bernadotte assassination.

He continued his underground activities until Lehi was disbanded, and served as a go-between among European and American cells. He made aliyah in 1949.

When he arrived in the Land of Israel, he joined a Lehi group which was training in Kibbutz Afikim, in order to found Kibbutz Neve Yair in the Negev. He was a kibbutz member until it ended, and afterwards he moved to Kibbutz Galuyot.

In 1959, he decided to leave the kibbutz and settled in Tel Aviv. Moshe studied electrical engineering and worked for many years for Motorola. As a pensioner, his hobby was artistic photography. He had two showing in Europe and three in Israel.

He married Batya Eisenberg, and they had three children and numerous grandchildren. They lived in Nes Ziona.