Moshe was born along with his twin brother Menahem in the Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv on October 8, 1928. His parents, Zehava and Tzadok, were secular Zionists who made aliyah in 1924, pioneers of the Magdiel settlement, agricultural workers. The mother worked on the family farm while being a homemaker and caregiver to the children. The father, in addition to working on the farm, worked in construction and as a technician for digging wells.

The parents were traditional, and the father was a synagogue beadle, as well as being a member of the settlement council and responsible for guard duty. In their home, one of the last ones in the settlement, near the Arab village of Bir Adash, the Hagana had an illegal weapons cache. Everyone on guard duty would receive their arms at night and return them in the morning. Moshe and his brothers would help their father, as children, to maintain the weapons. They were trained to be aware of security and how to handle firearms.

Moshe and his brothers completed their education in the Magdiel elementary school.

He was a member of Young Maccabi, and later on he established the Magdiel branch of HaNoar HaOved. In later 1945, he joined Lehi. At first, he participated in putting up posters and disseminating material. His brother Amikam, who was a child, sometimes helped him.

Moshe spent time in many Lehi activities in the Sharon until the War of Independence, such as wrecking telephone lines of the British Army, derailing a train in Kalkilya, shooting from an ambush at the British caravans, blowing up the Dora theater in Netanya, and more.

In late 1947, as the Arab attacks were going on, Moshe went out to guard duty along with Mordechai Zuckerman, and they discovered a group of Arabs on their way to kill Jews. The Arabs opened fire, killing Mordechai and injuring Moshe, as he was struck by five bullets.

In 1948, after the establishment of the State, Moshe enlisted in the IDF, being discharged on disability in 1952.

Afterwards he worked in various fields and completed his studies. In 1958, he completed a course for guides. He then ran Hemed Tours for 22 years. He still works as a tour guide.

In 1956, he married Hannah Spiegel, who came with the youth aliyah. They have two daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.