Immanuel was born July 20,1920 in Russia to Moshe and Esther, natives of Russia who fled the regime. They arrived in Israel 1923 via Turkey Syria and Lebanon, settling in Rishon-Lezion. They had three sons. His father purchased a vehicle and worked  driving; he was among the founders of “Yehuda” bus-co’op, later “Egged”. They moved to Rehovot 1933. During the 1936-39 riots, his father was seriously injured from a landmine. Handicapped, he continued in Egged as a cashier.

Immanuel studied at  “Chaviv Elementary School” Rishon-Lezion, later “Max Fine Technical School” Tel-Aviv. When young, he was a  Hagannah member, then joined Beitar 1936 working as a signaller in Rehovot. During WWII, December 6,1940, he enlisted in the RAF, was sent to Egypt and worked assembling plane parts. He was selected for pilot’s training. After testing, he and other Israelis were told the government “relinquishes” them from service; he continued as electrician four years.

While in Egypt he worked in his camp for Lehi, distributed leaflets, informed regarding trains carrying weapons, assisted Israeli soldiers emptying out weapons supplies, brought with him weapons from Egypt, and assisted Lehi members at camp escape when CID arrived. On June 20,1945, returning to Israel as a discharged soldier, he was arrested, suspected of underground involvement. He was imprisoned at Ramla and Latrun and later exiled to Africa. Immanuel sat in the camps of Sambal Eritrea and Gilgil Kenya. After three years, July 12,1948 he was returned. He joined the IDF Air Force as aircraft electrician.

He participated in the War of Independence, Sinai Campaign, Six- Day War and Yom-Kippur War. He had fourteen service medals, including the Nazi Fighter medal. After discharge, he joined “Egged” as electrician/driver. He was among the founders of the “Civil Guard”, serving thirteen years. He founded the  National Sharpshooters’ Association (South). Among his hobbies: submarine fishing, and collecting weapons.

August 1948, he married Sarah nee Yosha. Immanuel passed away on February 6,2000. He loved the Land of Israel and was loyal to it; a man of actions who loved helping others. He left behind wife Sarah, four children and eight grandchildren.