NAME: Weits (Tidhar) Esther Rachel (Etti)


DATE OF BIRTH: 30 August, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: 20 March, 2012

Esther Rachel Weitz was born in Tel Aviv to Rebecca and David Tidhar, on Friday, August 30th 1926. Her father, David Tidhar, became known as “the first Hebrew detective”, wrote several books and edited the “Encyclopedia for the Founders and Builders of Israel”. In 1946, Esther joined the Lehi in the 6th Division in intelligence positions under Avraham Baharav “Yoel”. She received the Lehi badge. She married Shlomo (Seymour) Weitz. Esther died on 20th of March 2012 and was laid to rest in Morasha Cemetery in Ramat Hasharon.