Dina was born in 1901 in Warsaw Poland, to Ben-Zion and Hanna nee Livazer  in a house with a Jewish Zionist spirit. Despite little attention being given to women’s education at the time, Dina graduated from high school. In 1921 she married Mordehcai Weinthal, whose brother Avraham, had  been living in Israel some years.

Their father Chaim had visited Israel several times  and wished to move his family; therefore he acquired land in Herzliya to  plant orchards. He sent son Mordechai 1925 to look after planting the trees; afterwards Mordechai returned to Warsaw. Mordechai and Dina had two sons: Aharon and Avraham. In 1932 the family made Aliyah and lived in Herzliya. They later moved to Tel-Aviv. Dina had deep nationalist awareness, and helped all those in need, regardless of their opinions and political associations.

She claimed the parties were working dangerously against each other, tearing down and endangering the aspirations of Zionism. Mordechai later began working as an accountant and Dina found an original way to support the family: during WWII,  Polish Anders’ Army personnel were in Israel. Dina noticed that the Polish officers, disgusted with military food, searched for a place to eat home-cooked meals. A  superb cook, she began cooking for them, serving meals in a ‘restaurant’ room at her home.

Sons Aharon and Avraham were Etzel members. On 03.04.1946 Aharon was arrested with thirty-one other members after an Etzel training, and was sentenced to fifteen years; he sat only one, escaping during the Akko Prison break-in, April 5,1947. Dina visited him regularly in prison, with  baked goods made for her son and his cellmates.  She placed their apartment on Allenby 93 for Lehi/Etzel use. Secret meetings took place, injured fighters were treated there and lay re-cooperating, since hospitalisation risked arrest. Lehi Freedom Fighter (Ya’acov Granek), ‘Tall Blonde Dov’, lay at her house after injury sustained  in the attack on CID headquarters. Till her last years she never missed a single Lehi related event.

Dina passed away aged 98, at home on February 8,1999. She has four grandchildren plus four great-grandchildren.