NAME: Weinstein Akiva



DATE OF DEATH: 4 August, 2009

Akiva Weinstein, son of Yehudit and Yosef Haim, was born in Israel in 1923. He attended a religious school and a technical high school. His grandfather, Rabbi Nahum Weinstein, was Tel Aviv’s first mohel and received the Dizengoff Prize. He and his brother were one of the founders of Tel Aviv and his name is commemorated on a monument on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

In addition, a street in Tel Aviv was named after Rabbi Nahum Weinstein, who was a righteous and respected man and a reputable personality in the city. With the outbreak of World War II, Akiva enlisted in the Jewish Brigade in the British Army and fought with them against the Germans. At the end of the war, together with his fellow Members of the Jewish Brigade, he participated in rescue and aid missions for Holocaust survivors.

Upon his return to Israel, still during the British Mandate, he joined the Lehi ranks, and his ordeal in Europe left him with a strong desire to fight for the establishment of a Jewish state in Israel. He participated in an attempt to confiscate funds from Bank Pekao S.A (Polish Bank). During the operation, he was wounded in the leg, he managed to hide his gun but still got arrested. From Hadassah Hospital, he was transferred to the Government Hospital in Jaffa. After an initial investigation, he was transferred to Kishla in Jerusalem and from there to the central prison.

He was released after his grandfather and the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Yisrael Rokach, intervened. He was later recognized by the Ministry of Defense as a disabled veteran for his injury in this operation. He later joined the Dan Cooperative, from which he received certificates of merit and eventually retired.

In 1949, he married Hannah Kirchenberg, and together they created a warm and loving family. Akiva died on August 4th, 2009 and was laid to rest in the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv.