Shlomo was born in Jerusalem on 17th February 1928 to his father Shmuel and his mother, Zelda. He grew up in the Beit-Israel neighbourhood, in a religious family, where he was the youngest of five brothers. He studied at the “Tree of Life” Yeshiva, without any secular education, although as an adult he partially completed his education, especially in the field of clerical work. He began working at an early age as a trainee-clerk in the private office of Rabbi Herzog, the Chief Rabbi of the Land of Israel. At the age of 16 he joined ‘Brit Hachashmona’im’ and following many of his friends, afterwards joined Lehi. At the age of 17 he was involved in pasting up info-bulletins and even used his position in the Rabbi’s office to become familiar with the structure and the offices of the British CID. This was made possible because the Rabbi would ask for his letters to be personally hand delivered to the CID offices. In 1946, after Chaim Kovarski discontinued his Lehi activities, Shlomo also left, and joined the Hagannah.

During the War of Independence he joined the IDF and served in the Moriya Battalion, was injured twice, but returned to serve. He continued doing Reserve Duty until the Six Day War. After his discharge he began working in the Municipal Council of Jerusalem as an Education Department clerk, until retirement in 1988. In 1951 he married Bela nee Hirsch. They lived in Jerusalem and had two sons and a daughter, plus eight grandchildren. Shlomo passed away on March 1991.