Walter was born  1914 in Kotna Poland to Rabbi Chaim and Mindeleh. The household was observant, Zionist. Yisrael received both general and Jewish education. Aged 15, he joined Beitar in his hometown, was an active member and absorbed the spirit of nationalism. In 1933 Ze’ev Jabotinsky visited Kotna; Yisrael was profoundly influenced from hearing him.

That day, he decided to fulfil his dream and make Aliyah. He came to Israel aboard the “Polonya” ship in 1934. He believed that in order to receive the Jewish State, it must be fought for, with both body and soul; he therefore joined the National Military Organisation in the Land of Israel. After the outbreak of WWII and the division in Etzel, he followed Yair  and became a Lehi member. He married Sonia Brahms and established a home. During that time he was active in the underground, fulfilling any task given to him. Since he was unknown to the British CID, wanted members hid occasionally in his house.

During one such time he hid Yitzchak Gazit, injured while experimenting with weapons production, and took care of him until his recovery. On May 28,1948 Yisrael joined the IDF with all his comrades, in the great Lehi enlistment parade, at their Sheikh-Mounis base. He met his own brother-in-law Moshe German there, although neither had known  the other belonged to Lehi, so as to avoid exposure. Israel served two years in the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion, whose commander was Yitzchak Sadeh. He participated in all its battles. Following the War of Independence, he worked some time at the “Gerev” factory, Ramat-Gan. In 1953 he enlisted in the IDF, despite the fact that at his age it was uncommon.

In 1961 he established a cinema-hall at Ganei-Tikva, and managed it for ten years. Then he worked with his son, who’d established a company for manufacturing plastic. He worked there  until the end of his life. Israel passed away on November 5,1999 following a short illness. He left behind a wife and three sons, plus six grandsons and granddaughters.