NAME: Walker Henya nee Dassau

LEHI ALIAS: Gabriela

DATE OF BIRTH: October 22, 1929

DATE OF DEATH: January 9, 2015

Henya was born on October 22,1929 in Tel-Aviv to  Tzipora and Menachem. Her parents arrived from Poland 1922 and settled in Neve-Zedek bordering Jaffa, where her father worked selling bread. Her mother Tsipora, came from a very religious family, but besides observing holidays, the household was secular.

Henya and her three older brothers were all Maccabi-Hatsa’ir members. Henya studied at “Geula High-School”, Tel-Aviv. She witnessed all that took place in the Land of Israel under the British Mandate and identified with the undergrounds’ battle to see the British depart from the land. Thus when she was approached  beginning of 1946 by a Lehi contact person named Uzi, she joined the underground. Like other members her age, she pasted-up info-bulletins, distributed materials and executed small assignments.

She was transferred to Department Six (Intelligence). After a while the UN Partition Resolution took place and the Arabs commenced attacking Jews throughout the country. After the establishment of the State and of the IDF, she joined the 8th Brigade and served during the conquest of Lod and Ramla. Later on  she requested to be transferred close to home because her brothers were all at the front and her parents had no aid.

She was transferred to the Yarkon St air base, Intelligence Department. When it became known that she was a Lehi member, she was transferred to the Rehabilitation Branch by order of David Ben-Gurion. Paradoxically, she was returned to Intelligence before her service ended. On December 7,1950 she married Nachman Walker, whom she’d known since her youth, when he was in Beitar and she in Maccabi. He had joined Lehi, but they worked separately in the underground.

Nachman was arrested and imprisoned some months in Latrun, and Henya used to visit him. The couple had three children, Raya, Yair, and Orit, plus eight grandchildren. Following the War of Independence she worked as a secretary in the “Sela” company, and thirty-five years at the Kibbutz Seminary, until retiring. The couple are connected to the “Tagar” circles.