NAME: Vilner Dvorah nee Drebkin

DATE OF BIRTH: February 22, 1921

DATE OF DEATH: March 6, 1998

Dvorah was born on February 22,1921 in Nes-Ziona, the first of four daughters, to  parents Sarah and Asher Drebkin, who were Nes-Ziona farmers. In 1932 the family moved to Beit-Oved. Dvorah studied at a Nes-Ziona school and at age 14, joined ‘Maccabi-Hatsair’ youth movement. She met her future husband, Yoseph Vilner in 1938, when he served as leader of a Beitar nucleus in the region, responsible for the guards protecting the Nes-Ziona region from many Arab mortal attacks.

In 1940 she married Yoseph, and after he’d joined Lehi, she joined as well. She participated in the organisational activity of finding and  renting apartments, shelters for the injured, and other activities. During these years of activity the family moved house several times: Beit-Oved, Nes-Ziona, Holon, the Maccabi neighbourhood in Tel-Aviv. Wherever they resided their house was a centre of underground activity. From a very young age Dvorah began working in banking, and continued as she matured.

First in “Otzar Amami” bank, and later in “Hapo’alim Bank”. She was promoted and achieved great success. Ten years after retirement she was still “recruited”, at times for lengthy periods to solve bank issues. From 1952 the family settled in the Sela neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. The family home became a regular meeting place for former Lehi fighters. Dvorah was well-known for her Cholent delicacies. After retiring in 1988, she began volunteering for “Keshet”, Yad Lebanim, Tel-Aviv’s Municipal Pensioners Organisation and at Beit-Yair. She was a central  figure in these organisations.

Dvorah and Yoseph had three children: Ze’ev, Ruthy, Shimshon, plus ten grandchildren. She passed away on March 6,1998 and was buried beside her husband in the Lehi section of  Holon Cemetery.