Binyamin was born in Tel-Aviv, January 10,1930 –  fifth son of Rabbi Yitzchak and Nacha nee Goldschmidt. His father, a Polish “Hapo’el-Hamizrahi Union” pioneer, made Aliyah Hanukah 1924, after a year in Rabbi Mendvorna’s Chernovitch court , where he got an  immigration certificate and an  international travel document (for those without papers), to cross the Polish-Romanian border via a smugglers’ route. At first he worked in construction in Haifa and Tel-Aviv. His wife arrived with their eldest sons only in late 1925. Binyamin completed studies in south Tel-Aviv, there he lived.

Due to his mother’s illness, he went to Mikve-Israel agricultural boarding-school; aged 15 he lost his mother. With Mikve students, he was active in the Hagannah. Completing studies 1947, he returned to his father’s house, and joined  Lehi following his brother, one of the movement’s veterans. The UN Inquiry Commission regarding Israel was active; upcoming British departure was already apparent. After six months’  basic training and Youth Division activity, on May 29, 1948, with hundreds of Lehi members – he joined the IDF,  the Armoured Corps’ 8th Brigade. A field-phone operator of it’s “A” Company, he fought in all the Battalion’s battles – conquest of Lod valley, “Operation Yoav”; the battle of Iraq-el-Manshia, conquest of Beer-Sheba, and Iraq-Souidan Fort.

During Operation “Chorev” he met his older brother by chance in the thick of battle over Uja-el- Hafir. His armoured vehicle was hit twice but he survived. During this Operation, he reached Abu-Ageila and the El-Arish vicinity battles with the troops, plus the last battles at the Rafa district. After this he joined the Lehi members’ nucleus  training in Kibbutz Afikim to establish Kibbutz Neve-Yair (Western Negev). After their dispersion, he joined other Lehi members to raise sheep in Mishmar-Ayalon near Latrun which lasted only  a few years.

Binyamin married Chaya nee Pikarski and they had two children: daughter Hadar and son Ron. He worked with his brother in printing, then due to heart problems, moved to the publishing division of Bank Hapo’alim. He passed away at the age of  50,  on July 4,1980.