NAME: Vider Shlomo

DATE OF BIRTH: 1 November, 1931

Shlomo Vider was born on November 1st, 1931 in the Czech Republic and made aliya to Israel in 1935 with his parents and sister.

He joined the Lehi underground in 1946 and operated in Ramat Gan and Netanya as a youth instructor, under the command of Shlomo Eshed “Hagai”. He guarded the orchards in Petah Tikva and Kfar Sirkin from Arab rioters.

After the independence of Israel, he enlisted in the IDF with other Lehi members on May 29th, 1948, and joined the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion.

He worked as a flight steward in EL AL. On September 6th, 1970, he served as a steward on EL AL flight 219 from Tel Aviv to New York. After a layover in Amsterdam and departure to New York, the plane was hijacked. Shlomo charged an armed terrorist moving towards the cockpit of the plane. During the struggle he was wounded. His actions stopped the terrorists attack and prevented the hijacking. For his courage and actions, Shlomo received a Medal of Courage from the Minister of Transportation.

He married Esther and they had three children and grandchildren.