NAME: Tzuriel, Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: April 1, 1925

DATE OF DEATH: March 7, 1980

Avraham was born to Pinchas and Haya in Haifa on 1.4.1925 and lived in Kiryat Hayim.

The father worked at the Haifa Railway Workshops. The family kept Jewish traditions.

He studied at Arlozorov Elementary School in Kiryat Hayim, then at the professional high school, studying machinery.

He was trained at Givat Hayim; like many others, he enlisted in the British Army in 1943. He was part of Company 462 of the Army Service Corps.

When he was demobilized in 1946, he returned to Givat Hayim, and later joined Kibbutz HaHoterim, where he was a fisherman. At the same time, he made contact with Lehi.

He was involved in a bank robbery in Tel Aviv and an operation in Pardes Hannah in which a train was derailed and a great deal of arms were stolen from it.

In early 1948, he was part of an operation to ambush a CID officer, but this unfortunately was unsuccessful.

When the State was establsiehd, he joined the “raiding battalion” of Moshe Dayan, Battalion 89 of the IDF’s 8th Brigade. He continued serving in the reserves in the Armored Corps, reaching the rank of captain.

In 1950, after demobilization, he joined the Egged Cooperative (then called HaShahar), working there until he retired on 1.11.1979. He worked as a driver, as production technician and as a station manager in Tel Aviv. Throughout his life, he collected stamps and coins.

On 7.3.1980, 20 Adar 5740, he passed away. He was buried in Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva.

He left behind, from his first marriage to fellow Lehi member Rachel, their children Gershon, Shraga and Nurit. From his second marriage to Mira Bachover, he left their children Ran, Gil, Shiri and Alice.