NAME: Tzur (Moskowitz), Boaz (Mordechai Yehuda)



DATE OF DEATH: August 1, 2013

Boaz was born to Avraham Chanokh and Yona Moskowitz in 1920 in Gostynin, Poland. At age three, they moved to Alexander, a town near Lodz. The family had six children. The parents were very religious, as the father was a Gerrer Hasid. They had a sock factory. His parents and siblings perished in the Holocaust.

In his youth, Boaz studied in cheder and public school; he then continued his studies in yeshiva. At age fourteen, he started working in his parents’ factory, and he was a member of the youth movement of Poalei Agudath Israel for a year. Influenced by Zeev Jabotinsky, he joined Beitar. He was sent to an instructors’ course, and he returned to Beitar in his town in that capacity.

When World War II broke out in 1939, he left his family and set out with his friend Shmuel Schmid on a long journey. From Poland, he made his way to the Russian border, then to Chernivtsi in what was then Romania (now Ukraine), where he found a Beitar cell and joined the Jewish community there. He found work at sock factory.

When the Germans controlled Romania, he was arrested by Romanian authorities for teaching Hebrew and for Zionist activities, but the Jewish community secured his freedom. When the Russians controlled Romania, he was able to leave with his friend, reaching Haifa in 1944.

After staying in Atlit, he moved to Tel Aviv and started working in diamonds. He also joined Lehi. His home held a weapons cache. In Lehi he fulfilled different roles, putting up posters himself and providing security for others doing so, as well as disseminating promotional materials. He would empty magazines and provide surveillance and security — whatever the underground needed.

Boaz was seized on 18.2.1946, as he guarded the Lehi radio station, the Voice of the Jewish Underground, on 3 HaShomer Street, Tel Aviv. He ate his identification papers so that they would not be able to discover his address and the arms hidden there. He was detained in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Latrun. He was sent to Africa, to the detention camps in Eritrea and Kenya, and he was held there until after the State was established, returning with the last of the exiles on 12.7.1948.

He joined Battalion 89 of the IDF’s 8th Brigade, fighting in various battles, including Auja el-Hafir, where he lost an eye.

Boaz lived in Jaffa for a time. In December 1953, he was one of the founders of the agricultural settlement of Talmei Menashe. He worked in agriculture for Yakhin Group. He also had a plant nursery.

He married Sarah, a Holocaust survivor, in 1950. They have two daughters and a son.