Pinchas was born in 1900 in Lodz, Poland. After his studies, he went for training along the German border to prepare for aliyah, which he made in 1920. The Jewish Agency sent him to continue training at Nahalat Yitzhak, near Tel Aviv. When he completed this, he settled in the new agricultural settlement of Raanana, where he set up a farm, with a chicken coop, barn and vegetable garden.

In 1927, he married Sarah Freidman, and they had a son Yosef and a daughter Esther. Pinchas was very much a nationalist, joining the General Zionists Party. He was also a Hagana member. During the riots of 1936-1939, he volunteered to go up to the settlement of Homa UMigdal, next to the Arab village of Lubya (now Kibbutz Lavi), whose residents were very hostile to Jews. Arab rioters attacked the settlement relentlessly, and a few months later, the British forces dismantled it, as it was an obstacle on the way to Tiberias. Pinchas returned home to Raanana.

After Lehi was established, Pinchas left the Hagana and joined it. He was active in Raanana and its environs, mainly in recruitment of supporters who could provide public backing for the underground and also help hide fugitives and weapons caches. His son Yosef, born in 1933, helped his father as a courier and messenger, maintaining communications between him, other supporters and Lehi members.

Pinchas’s ideology and activity were known to the Yishuv in the Sharon, and its institutions treated him harshly, even confiscating his produce. His son Yossi could not get into the local school, so he had to attend cheder, which eventually became the Mizrahi School. He was then sent to study in Tel Aviv in the Shevach School.

Informers sent Pinchas to detention from 1942 to 1943. On the “Black Sabbath,” he was arrested again, and this time he spent more than a year in Latrun. He died in 1973.

His son Yossi served in the IDF, as a paratrooper and in permanent service, reaching the rank of major. In 1965, he married Shulamit, and they had a son and a daughter. He is now an IDF pensioner and studies in university.