Zion, son of Kedya Yona and Ovadiya, was born 1927 in the Yemenite Quarter of Tel-Aviv. Zion had a brother in Lehi. Zion’s father passed away when he was a child and the mother had to support the household. After finishing “Talmud-Torah”, he was sent  to Kibbutz Ramat-Hashofet to work and study. Zion has good memories from that period. After two and a half years, at while home on leave he joined Lehi.

He participated in various operations headed by Shimon Mazali, known as “Gad”. In one particularly remembered operation they attacked  British armoured-vehicle convoys using Molotov cocktails, throughout the country. Once, he was sent with his friend Shaul Sinvani (“Yehoshafat”) and Machpud Shalom, for activity at Moshavot Square Tel-Aviv. This operation took the life of Shalom Tzadock (“Yoav”), and Zion was injured in his leg.

His house in the Yemenite Quarter was a meeting point for underground members. From here they left for missions. The explosion at Abu-Kabir was carried out with his brother, led by “Adam”. Their mother knew both her sons were participating. They decided  not to both go out on assignments together again. After establishment of the State, Zion escorted vehicle convoys  to Jerusalem through the “Burma Road” under acute danger from Arab firing. Then, he remained at the Jerusalem Base under Yehoshua Zetler’s command. He was instructed, with comrades, to  guard the weapons-storage location at this Base. Minutes before the explosion which killed five combatants, he went out to read a  letter from his friend; saved from death, he was however injured in the head and left eye. After lengthy treatment he managed to join the IDF. He served in the Zrifin Instruction branch and was discharged as a handicapped veteran. He worked twenty-five years in the water department and in administration at Tel-Aviv Municipality. In 1950 he married fellow Lehi member Ziona (“Aviva”).   It was her letter which had literally saved his life. They have four children and eleven grandchildren. They’ve always resided in  Ramat-Hachayal, Tel -Aviv.