NAME: Torenberg Nechemia

DATE OF BIRTH: April 29, 1916

DATE OF DEATH: December 4, 1981

Nechemia was born on April 29,1916 in Kalish Poland, to his parents Leah and Aharon. He lost his parents at a young age and moved with his elder brother to their grandfather’s Lodz house. He studied in a Heder, then the Jewish school and  graduated from Lodz Technical School. He was active in Beitar. He made Aliyah 1934 and served in Beitar  Rosh-Pina. During the bloody 1936-39 riots, he participated in retribution acts against Galilee Arabs. Completing  the Etzel Commander Course he was a member of the “Special Unit”.  Sent to Poland by the underground 1938 to check on Beitar clubs, he returned through Russia, arriving in Israel immediately after the breakout of war. After Etzel split he joined Lehi and was very active in Tel-Aviv. He participated in operations against the British CID men in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

On May 5,1942, after Yair’s assassination, British Police set a 1,000 Palestine-Pound reward for info leading to his capture. Their notice claimed  both he, Yehoshua Cohen and Zvi Frunin, belonged to the organisation  which assassinated the Chief Inspector of Police and his Deputy on April 22,1942 in Jerusalem, and assassinated  Lod Region’s CID chief May 1,1942 in Tel-Aviv. After this declaration, he hid with his comrades at Moshav Nachalat Jabotinsky. Through Ezel’s liaison  to British Intelligence, Nechemia agreed to turn himself in. He was imprisoned in Akko, Jerusalem and Latrun then exiled  to Africa October 19,1944 with 250 prisoners, and held in Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya. He returned with the last exiles  July 12,1948, after six years’ prison. Nechemia married Julie El’azar, a Lehi comrade, herself a long-time prisoner. He joined the IDF serving in the “Yiftach” Brigade. He participated in the battles breaking through to the Negev and  to Beit-She’an. After discharge he worked in a textile factory. He and his wife opened a  stationary/ bookshop  in Holon 1968. Retiring 1980, he dedicated himself to reading philosophy and to classical music.

Nechemia passed away December 4,1981. He left behind his  wife Julie, their two sons Roni and Yair, and three grandchildren.