NAME: Tiroshi (Benardoinman) Elhanan


DATE OF BIRTH: 11 October, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: 15 August, 1988

Elhanan Tiroshi, son of Avraham Benardoinman, was born on Tuesday October 11th, 1926, and made aliya in 1936. He joined Beitar. In 1944 he joined the Youth Division of the Lehi under the command of Yehudit. In 1946 he moved to the Operations Division under the command of Ya’akov Penso “Goel”. He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. He married Pnina Shulman. Elhanan died on Monday 15th of August, 1988 and was laid to rest in the cemetery in Holon.

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