NAME: Tilman David



DATE OF DEATH: July 29, 1995

David was born in 1915 in  Kanishin near Biyalistok Poland, to his parents Matityahu and Rachel. His father was a tailor. His mother died from tuberculosis when he was one. His father was recruited to the army and  taken prisoner so David, his sister and three brothers, were raised by their aunt. When his father returned he married his sister-in-law. David studied in a Heder, then at “Tarbut” school. Aged 12 he stopped studying and began work for his father. The shock experienced in Kanishin following the massacre of  Hebron Jews 1929, brought him closer to Zionism; he joined Beitar. He participated in an instructors’ course in Biyalistok 1931. Following Jabotinsky’s speech about  ending the Exile and  immigration of all Jews to the Land of Israel, he made Aliya with a legal certificate. He joined the Beitar Labour Divisions, first in Rosh-Pina then in Herzliya.

He worked in an orchard, then in carpentry. In 1936 he joined Etzel and in 1937  married Rachel Isaacson, a Beitar member. In 1939 he moved to Tel-Aviv to flee CID surveillance. After the split in Etzel he joined Yair. Later he moved to Jerusalem. His apartment served as the Lehi centre for planning operations. Before Yair’s assassination, he prepared a refuge apartment for him, but Yair never made it. After Yair’s assassination he was arrested and jailed in Mizra, Latrun and Akko. He was in the first convoy of 251 prisoners exiled by the British to Africa on October 19,1944, to Sambal  Eritrea and Carthago  Sudan. Due to his illness he  was returned to Israel on May 22,1945. For some years he was in charge of the Lehi branch in Netanya.  After the assassination of Bernadotte he was placed in Jaffa Prison.

He worked to establish the “Fighters Party” and campaigned for the First Knesset in the South. In the State’s early days he worked  laying down water pipes in the Negev.  Later he established a farm in Ramat-Hadar. His wrote “From  Pit of Decay to Anonymous Soldiers” . David passed away on July 29,1995 leaving  behind his wife Rachel, and two children, Reuven and Drora.