Moshe was born in April 1916 in Saloniki Greece, to his parents Ya’acov and Malka.  He lost his mother  at the age of five and was raised by his stepmother Sarah, who raised him, his brother and sisters with great love and dedication. He studied at a French monks’ school in Saloniki and graduated successfully.

In 1933 he began studying medicine at  university but after  beating up the Dean’s son for having called him a “dirty Jew”, he was obliged to leave that same year. Afterwards he made Aliya and began working in various Kibbutz and Moshav locations, at orchards and various agricultural jobs. Eventually he settled in Tel-Aviv. During the murderous riots his nationalist sentiments led him to Etzel. At the time he engaged in guarding activities and surveillance operations against Arabs, in order to plan retribution operations. Later he studied photography and was appointed the “underground’s photographer”, documenting sensitive and secret documents. During the Etzel split, he decided to join Yair. He underwent a Team Leader training course. His apartment at Giv’at-Moshe, Shapira neighbourhood, was put into use and there they would print out information materials. After Yair’s assassination his contact with the underground was broken. After Yitzhak Shamir escaped from Mizra, the contact was renewed and Shamir found  shelter in Moshe’s tiny apartment, which he had rented with his wife Esther Nachmias, only ten days before. When Moshe found out that the underground movement was badly in need of funds, with his wife’s consent he decided to donate their dowry to the underground: 150 Palestine Pounds. He later participated in the preparation of false identification papers for the Latrun escapees. Moshe was arrested after negotiating a weapons deal, and spent seven months at the Latrun Prison Camp.

After the establishment of the State he worked in private business. He passed away at age 83, on August 26, 1999 and was buried in the Yarkon Cemetery in the Lehi section. Moshe left behind a son, Ya’acov, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.