Moshe son of Shraga and Tikva, was born in Haifa, June 12,1929.  His great great-great  grandfather was chief Rabbi of Safed. His grandmother studied midwifery in Vienna, and practiced in Safed many years. Moshe had three sisters and a brother born in Safed. His father was a fabric merchant, his mother a housewife. One day, when Moshe was at the Beitar center in Ben-Shemen St, a man approached him with bloody hands. He said the police were chasing him and he needed a place to clean himsef. Moshe took him to his apartment on Tavor St. The fugitive gave him the address of a Lehi member and requested  Moshe inform him of his whereabouts. Thus Moshe was recruited to Lehi. A suitcase was brought into the apartment from Atlit Prison Camp. Inside was a man who’d escaped prison.

When Moshe’s parents were away, sixteen Lehi members came to hide in the house, preparing to confiscate money from the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Hadar- Hacarmel. Moshe pasted up info-bulletins on the walls of Haifa streets; his mother prepared the glue. He  assisted in publication of info materials. He participated in weapon courses in Ra’anana, Petach-Tikva and Magdiel. His main activities were with the Intelligence Department. In Haifa he followed Sgt. Martin, who’d  leave his house daily through an alley which bordered a tennis court. Eventually, two men disguised as tennis players with tennis rackets  entered  the alley and shot Martin.  Moshe was assigned exploding the Haifa Arab Gang headquarters on Stanton St, corner of Allenby . Disguised as a Jordanian soldier, he travelled in a British vehicle until  arriving  at the designated place – there he waited. At a certain point, he pressed the fuse and moved to the other car awaiting him. Moshe later moved to Tel-Aviv and joined surveillance operations against British officers. He joined the IDF and after the  Sheikh-Monis parade  joined the 82nd Battalion,  8th Brigade,  a sergeant in the First Company. On November 30,1951 he married Rivka Niyago, and they have two daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. From 1965 he has worked as an insurance agent.