Efraim was born in Israel, May 1928 to  Shoshana and Dov Yisaschar. His family was religious and made Aliyah in the early twenties, from Lodz Poland. They lived in Tel-Aviv’s Nordiya neighbourhood as of 1923, according to his grandfather’s identification paper. Efraim’s father owned a store, and his mother was a housewife, and assisted in the store. Efraim’s sister Shifra was a  Hagannah member and brother Shmuel, an Etzel member. Efraim graduated from Bilu School 1942, then studied at a religious high school. As a boy he joined Lehi, was active in the Youth Department and pasted up info-bulletins among other activities. After establishment of the State in May 1948, he joined the IDF. He served in the 8th Brigade, the 89th Battalion’s Service Battalion, where he instructed the use of  medium-range machineguns. He was discharged 1950.  Efraim married Henya nee Pearlmutter in 1963, a teacher, born at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The couple have a son and daughter plus two grandchildren. For many years he worked as a computer equipment salesman, and created friendly relations with his business associates.

He was honest and modest, loved by family and friends, reliable, easygoing  and a peace-maker. He always tried to find the middle path in situations, without giving up his principles. He loved helping out at every occasion. He was active in the “Beit-El” Synagogue Holon, with the “Chazon” Circle.

Efraim passed away on July 31,1992 and was buried in Holon.