Yitzhak, son of Menachem Shmuel and Teibel Yona, was born  on September 6,1923 in Krakow Poland to a wealthy Zionist Hassidic family. His father had a glass agency and  dreamt of making Aliyah. Family reasons prevented this and they never made it to Israel.

Yitzchak and his brother studied in a modern Cheder, then at a Jewish school of commerce. During the war he was in the Krakow Ghetto, later in the concentration camps of  Flashov, Grossrosen, and Mauthausen. He was  freed by the Americans May 1945 and returned to Krakow in search of relatives, but discovered his parents and sister had perished in the Holocaust. His brother survived and later came to Israel. Yitzchak travelled to Czechoslovakia, then Marseille, secretly boarding a ship on its way to Beirut, Haifa and Alexandria. He tried to jump ashore near Haifa, but the shores were full of British soldiers. He was later smuggled in through Clandestine Immigration. Yitzchak arrived in Tel-Aviv to relatives who lived in a shed where Lehi was printing its publications. In 1947 he realised  the Britain would not keep their promise of establishing a country for the Jews and joined Lehi. He pasted up info-bulletins, passed an ideology course, was sent to collect contributions and more. In June 1948, he joined Yitzhak Sadeh’s  82nd Battalion Armoured Brigade with Lehi members and participated in its battles.

He was discharged 1950 and in 1951, married Rivka Yakar, a relative and  Holocaust survivor from Krakow. He began working in his father-in-law’s  electronics factory, and became a business partner. After some years he established an electronics workshop in Elkana.

The family is  religious and have two sons: Shmuel is living in Eilat, working in education, and father of ten. Chanan lives in Revava near Ariel, and  has many children as well. Yitzhak is a pensioner, occasionally working in the Union of Industrial Entrepreneurs.