Pinchas was born in 1928 to Baruch and Beila in Jerusalem’s Old City. Pinchas was a fifth-generation native, and he was named after his mother’s grandfather, Rabbi Pinchas Schneerson, born in Hebron in 1846, whose parents arrived in the city three years earlier. The father spent his entire life in yeshiva. Pinchas had two brothers. He studied in Heichal HaTalmud until 1946.

In early 1947, after a number of encounters with Lehi members in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood, he was recruited to Lehi.

Pinchas was part of the firearms course in Petah Tikva under Yankele Huberman. He was in combat operations as well. Because he had a motorcycle, he could easily transport people and transmit information as needed. In particular, he would transfer young women in charge of communications from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, without knowing their names or activities.

He also would transport Uzi the Ginger, one of Lehi’s senior fighters, as well as Jimmy Albalek, to various operations, to hideouts and elsewhere.

After the Partition Plan, Pinchas reacted to the news by leaving the underground and joining the Hagana, perhaps because his hopes had been dashed and he was disappointed. This caused him some personal unpleasantness and intensive interrogation when he enlisted in the IDF, as he was well-known to be a Lehi member.

During 5708, he was wounded twice in the War of Independence, which shortened his service to eighteen months. After his demobilization, he worked as a driver and then at Newman Confectionery, until he retired. As a pensioner, he was active in the Hevra Kadisha Burial Society, including identifying remains, escorting the departed to their final resting place, and forming a quorum—mainly on the Mount of Olives.

Pinchas never married.