NAME: Siton (Sethun) David


DATE OF BIRTH: 15 January, 1909

DATE OF DEATH: 12 June, 1989

David Siton son of Buchs and Nissim Sethun was born in Jerusalem in 1909.

David was raised and educated in Jerusalem, as a teenager he studied at the Gymnasia Realit (High School of Commerce) in the city. He also studied Arabic. In 1924, at the age of 15, he founded the “Nitzan” Youth Branch of the “Young Mizrahi” organization, a Zionist-Hebrew organization that worked for the welfare of Mizrahi Jews in Jerusalem.

David was active in Etzel and after the separation, he moved to Lehi. In Lehi, he worked in the Arab Division of the Intelligence Unit in Jerusalem. He was imprisoned several times by the British authorities for underground activity during the 1940s. He later published his book “In Light and Darkness: Pages from a Prisoner’s Diary” about his memories from the days of underground activity and his detention in a British prison. He also wrote content for the Lehi radio station “The Voice of Freedom of Israel Fighters” which operated in Jerusalem.

David worked as an educator and a journalist for the newspaper “The Morning”. In 1943, he created a workshop for young Sephardic Jews to prepare them for visits to Jewish communities in middle Eastern and north African countries. He served as a board member of various institutions in the Sephardic community in Israel, and after the independence of Israel, he served for a period as chairman of the Sephardic Community Committee.

Throughout his life, David wrote and published short stories and novels that portray life experiences of Jews from middle Eastern and north African origins.

He married Bella (nee Horwitz).

The square in the center of Gaza Street in Jerusalem is named after him.

He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.

David died on June 12th, 1989 and was laid to rest at HarHamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.