NAME: Sinwani Baruch


DATE OF BIRTH: 5 October, 1929

DATE OF DEATH: 1 January, 2012

Baruch Sinwani son of Yossef and Dvorah was born on Sunday, October 5th, 1929, and immigrated to Israel in 1932. His older brother, Binyamin Sinwani, was killed in the War of Independence in the attack on Bayt Daras on Monday, May 11th, 1948.

His brother Shimon Sinwani was a member of Lehi, who participated in the attack on the railway workshops in Haifa and was one of the death row inmates whose sentence was converted to life in prison. Baruch joined the Lehi underground in 1945 and worked in the Information Division and in printing the “Ma’as” newspaper under the command of Avraham Vered “Ephraim”.

Baruch and Shmuel Dreyman, also a member of Lehi, were arrested for having 4 packages of Etzel posters and a rubber baton and were sentenced in October 1947 to one year in prison. He was held in the central prison in Jerusalem and detention camps in Atlit and Latrun. While in the central prison in Jerusalem, he assisted in the escape of Anshel Shpielman, and while he was detained in Atlit, he helped his brother, Shimon Sinwani, Asher Ratzon and Zack Elkalai when they escaped in suitcases. After his release, he enlisted in the IDF with other Lehi members on May 29th, 1948 and joined the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion.

Baruch married Lehi member, Yona Levi and they joined Kibbutz Neve Yair in the Negev. Baruch died on Friday January 1st, 2012 and was laid to rest in the cemetery in Kokhav Yair.