NAME: Siman Tov Gabriel

DATE OF DEATH: 2 January, 1967

Gabriel Siman Tov was born in Persia and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1922. His sons, Yitzhak and Avraham, were arrested by the British on December 2nd, 1941, Avraham at 16, was still a minor.

When Gabriel came to visit his children, he was caught in a lineup held by the British which included Avraham. Gabriel asked Wilkins, the CDI Officer, why Avraham was in the lineup. Wilkins made a hand gesture across his neck to symbolize the word “slaughter.” Gabriel never forgot that. In one of his letters to Yitzhak (sent in secret) he wrote to him that Avraham had been arrested.

To this, Yitzhak replied: “Father, one day, you will march with us under the same flag.” A short time after that, after the escape from Latrun, in which he participated, Yitzhak fell in a shootout at the entrance to Ra’anana. After Wilkins was shot, Gabriel met a friend in the street, who showed him the news in the newspaper, Gabriel then hoisted his friend in the air and began dancing. This was his revenge for the hand gesture.

When Avraham was released from custody, Gabriel proudly told him that Esther, his youngest daughter, had joined Lehi and that he too, as part of his work at the Tel Aviv Municipality garage, hosted and guarded Lehi courses in the garage. Gabriel died January 2nd, 1967.