Bracha was born in Petah Tikva on 25.12.1927, to Zerah and Tova Birnbaum. Their home was religious with a general Zionist atmosphere. The house was open to all, from Hasidim to the “mafiosos” of the time. Tova would lend out wedding dresses to the girls from Kibbutz Givat HaShelosha, which was adjacent to Petah Tikva then.

In 1943, at age 16, Bracha joined the IZL together with her sister Aliza. After she had completed her matriculation exams, Bracha told her parents that she was going to work at a kibbutz, but in fact she was going to the IZL lieutenants’ course at Shuni. Three days later, British Police surrounded the area. All of the participants were arrested, including one instructor, a total of eighteen young men and two young women. This happened on 16.8.1945, apparently due to informers from the “national institutions.” Max Kritzman was their defense attorney (a partner in Max Seligman’s firm), but as was the wont, the defendants refused to cooperate with the court, instead reading political manifestos. Bracha was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for weapons possession.

During her imprisonment, Bracha had plenty of time to think about the differences between the IZL and Lehi; ultimately, she decided that the former was too diffident for her tastes. She was released after two years, and she immediately joined Lehi and began recruiting members in the Tel Aviv area. In the meanwhile, her parents did everything they could think of to keep her far away from dangerous activities. They signed her up to study in Canada, where they had relatives. Her Lehi superiors approved of the idea, and once Bracha was in Canada, she slipped over the border into the United States (with the help of friends who lived near the border). She worked in the American branch, recruiting, fundraising and smuggling passports and money to the underground exiles in African detention camps.

In the midst of her work, as supervisors of the Chicago branch, she met Tzefoni, and they married in September 1947. After the War of Independence, she was an elementary school teacher in Bat Yam. She took early retirement after 26 years. She worked another five years after that for Tehillah, a program for adult education.

They had three sons, all of whom served and serve in the IDF: Ofer, Gur and Danny.