NAME: Shoham, Avraham


DATE OF DEATH: March 14, 2010

Avraham was born on Purim 1917, in Khotyn in northern Bessarabia. His father Moshe sold fruit to wholesalers; his mother Nacha raised six children and was an excellent homemaker.

At age three, Avraham began attending cheder. He then continued in the Tarbut School and in the commercial high school, for four years. His desire to make aliyah was great, and so he traveled to Chernivtsi. There he studied in the Safa Ivria Teachers Seminary. He resumed his studies in Israel at age fifty, when he studied at Hebrew University and completed a bachelor’s degree in history and Bible.

At age thirteen, he joined the Beitar cell in Khotyn, and he soon became its instructor. Despite his overwhelming yearning to make aliyah, it was only in Tevet of 5699 that he made it, through the Af al Pi program, on the Katina. After sixty days on the ship, full of travail, disease and even death (for four of the passengers), they arrived in March 1939, coming ashore at Netanya.

Avraham stayed with the Beitar company in Netanya for a number of weeks, then went up to Rosh Pina. There he joined the IZL, and he moved on to the Herzliya company. When it split, he joined Lehi, and then he moved from place to place until he reached Haifa. He knew that the police were looking for him, and despite his effort, he could not make contact with Lehi members in Haifa. On 15 Shevat 5702, he was arrested in Haifa, and without any interrogation or questioning, he was immediately sent to the Acre Prison. After three months, he was moved to Mizra, then Latrun.

Avraham was in the first group of 251 detainees exiled to Africa, to Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea), then Carthago (Sudan), then back to Eritrea, then Gilgil (Kenya). He returned with all of his comrades. Like most of his fellow Lehi members, he enlisted in the IDF, ending up in the 8th Brigade’s Battalion 89, where he served until he was discharged with the rank of corporal.

He married Hannah Goldstein of Raanana, and they had three children. From 5711, Avraham worked as a teacher in schools in Herzliya and Ramat HaSharon, inculcating Lehi values in the younger generation and beyond.

After he retired, the family moved to Jerusalem.

Avraham passed away in 2010.