NAME: Shickler, Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: May 12, 1929

Avraham, son of Dov and Hinda, was born on 12.5.1929 in Tarnopol (then Poland, now Ukraine). His father was a merchant and his mother a homemaker, caring for the three children, of whom Avraham was the youngest. The father, Dov, was an active Zionist, and he was the treasurer of the General Zionists in the city. In 1930, Dov made aliyah illegally via Germany. He worked in construction for a number of years, and once his family joined him, he opened a laundry. At the same time, he continued to be politically active.

The father educated his children in the spirit of traditional Zionism. Avraham studied in the Tachkemoni School. In 1940, he joined Brit Hashmona’im, moving on to Lehi in 1945. At first, he put up posters, but he also participated in combat operations: attacking the “Kalaniot” base near Kerem HaTeimanim, attacking the Kfar Syrkin Airfield, and more. He also took part in the confiscation of weapons from the Sudanese army base in Holon and the Bank Discount robbery.

A short while later, he was transferred to Jerusalem, and he was active in the operations division. In 1947, he was caught in Jerusalem and sent to Latrun, where he remained until May 1948. From Latrun he was transferred to Atlit, and from there, he enlisted in the IDF, in Blond Dov’s Battalion 89 under Yitzhak Sadeh.

Avraham fought in a number of battles, including the liberation of Lod, where he was severely injured. His body was covered in shrapnel, some of which had to be removed surgically. He also fought at Auja el-Hafir.

After his discharge, he drove a tractor in the Negev and Galilee, until 1957.

The same year, he travelled to the United States for a family visit and settled there. He married Sonia Zansky, a Hebrew teacher. They had two sons. Avraham worked as the manager of a large import operation.

He is now a pensioner and very close to the Land of Israel, in which all of his friends and family live, and he maintains contact with them constantly. He visits Israel at least once annually.