Yehoshua was born in Jerusalem on 30.6.1929 to Rachel and Moshe, who had made aliyah from Poland in the 1920’s. They met in Tel Aviv and married. The mother’s parents, the Pasmaniks, dealt in gold and diamonds in Lodz, and continued to do so in the Land of Israel; and the grandfather, a dignified man, was a Gerrer Hasid. Moshe, Yehoshua’s father, was a plumbing contractor throughout his professional life. The family educated its children, Yehoshua and his younger brother Gideon, in the spirit of Zionism, nationalism and tradition, with love of the homeland the supreme value.

Yehoshua was a handsome boy and very serious. He studied in the Tachkemoni School and then in Gymnasium Balfour. He was a member of the religious Scouts, and Maccabee of Tel Aviv.

He joined Lehi, training with firearms and ideological lectures. He also was involved in the youth division’s activities, putting up posters and disseminating materials in the streets and mailboxes. He also provided security for others engaged in these activities. Once the intelligence division (Dept. 6) was established and its activities were expanding thanks to surveillance and information-gathering by the youths, Yehoshua’s cell was transferred there. At first, he was disappointed that he was following people rather than taking part in combat operations, as most of his friends wanted. However, as time passed, he realized the great importance of intelligence for the underground. This was a role requiring special skills and talents, keeping track of British detectives and their Jewish agents, and he dedicated himself to it. He quickly became an excellent intelligence agent, under the guidance of his instructor, who was one of the best in the underground. Yehoshua took part at time in operations which originated in the intelligence division, such as attacks on the British detectives, blowing up the British Intelligence building in Jaffa, and financial operations. His close friend Menahem Ribbenbach was killed in one of these operations.

On May 29th, Yehoshua joined the IDF and served in Battalion 82 of the 8th Brigade, as a platoon commander; in the reserves, he served as an intelligence officer in a commando unit. Yehoshua excelled at his duty, and he was daring. He fought through every battle of the battalion, for the two years of the War of Independence. During one of the operations, his arms and legs were injured, which did not prevent him from rejoining the battalion to continue the fight.

Afterwards, he went to work for his father.

In 1950, he married Shulamit “Yael” Daniel, who served with him in Lehi, as well as in Battalion 82 as a combat driver. They were very happy, and on 1.1.1953, they had a daughter, Nina.

When she was just two-and-a-half years old, on 30.6.1955, Yehoshua was killed in a horrific work accident, as he fell off a building under construction. Yehoshua was buried in the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery.

His cheerful smile, shining face and bright eyes will never be forgotten.