Albert was born in 1923 in Baghdad, Iraq, to Menashe and Lulu. He completed high school there, and before he turned twenty, he had contacted Hagana emissaries from the Land of Israel, and he was involved in illegal aliyah. He would acquire various types of passports and other documentation, so that Jews could travel to the Land of Israel from Iraq. In 1944, after he was suspected of illegal activity by the authorities, he made aliyah with documentation he arranged for himself before he could be arrested. His house was searched and his parents interrogated and harassed often.

Upon his arrival, he went to Haifa, where his uncle lived. This uncle helped him get
settled and even recruited him for Lehi. He continued to help other Iraqi Jews make aliyah. This is how he helped sixteen-year-old Carmella Levi make it to the Land of Israel. Years later, they would marry.

His facility with documentation helped the underground a great deal, but mainly he was involved in active operations and combat. He participated in attacks on the British, including the Haifa Oil Refinery attack, which caused significant damage; and the Haifa Railroad Workshops attack, which was undertaken during the era of the Jewish Resistance Movement. In the latter operation, he mined the roads the British forces were taking to the scene.

Even though Albert was a wanted man in Iraq, he did not hesitate to return to Baghdad on underground business, escorting David “Dan” Blau. Both were disguised as British Army officers, with the appropriate documentation. Albert stayed with Dan in Baghdad for two weeks, helping him forge connections with local Jews to establish a Lehi chapter in Iraq. He used the same cover and the same route to return.

After the Partition Plan, he joined Lehi forces in Jerusalem. After the Bernadotte assassination and the general clemency, he joined the IDF, serving until the end of the War of Independence.

In 1950, he married Carmella Levi, and they had three children. For many years, he worked for the customs department in Haifa, until he retired.

Albert died on 12.11.1982, and he was buried in the New Cemetery in Haifa.