NAME: Shauli, Sammy


DATE OF BIRTH: January 2, 1932

DATE OF DEATH: September 27, 2016

Sammy, son of Ezra and Shoshana, was born on 2.1.1932 in the Bukharan neighborhood in Jerusalem, to a traditional and nationalist family. His father was a barber. When he was a year old, the family moved to Tel Aviv. The barbershop his father opened on Ahad HaAm Street was called The Revisionist, and it would eventually serve as a meeting-place and a warehouse for Lehi, as well as a base for various operations. Sammy studied in a number of schools: Yesud HaMaala, HaShahar and HaTzafon.

In 1944, the family moved to Petah Tikva. At age fourteen, he was recruited to Lehi by his big brother, and he put up posters, as well as being a lookout and conducting surveillance. He also was trained in firearms. He was then assigned to the intelligence division (Dept. 6).

Once the War of Independence began, he took a commando course at the Lehi camp in Sheikh Munis; he was a car mechanic in the Lehi garage, and he was chosen to drive one of the jeeps sent by Lehi to break through, by way of the bypass mountain road, to besieged Jerusalem. He and his comrades were carrying supplies, ammunition and medical equipment to the Lehi camp in Jerusalem. Despite the harsh road conditions and the live fire directed at them, they were able to make it to Jerusalem, breaking the siege for the first time. This route would come to be known as the Burma Road or Victory Highway.

Sammy would go on to participate in other Lehi caravans to Jerusalem. Sammy, who returned from Jerusalem the day after the Bernadotte assassination, was stopped at a roadblock by the Hagana and suspected of involvement. He and his father were arrested that evening. Sammy was held in Military Police lockup at Sheikh Munis, where he was interrogated by Military Advocate General Aharon Hoter-Yishai. After three weeks, he was transferred to Acre Prison, where dozens of Lehi members were imprisoned. He was then violently transferred to Jalameh Prison, where he participated in a hunger strike that lasted for eight days. Finally, he was released as part of the general clemency.

Sammy enlisted in the IDF and was sent to Training Base 9 of the Transportation Corps, as an automotive sergeant. He taught soldiers how to drive heavy vehicles. More than once he was asked, due to his expertise, to help out units which needed to transfer equipment via heavy vehicles. After his demobilization, he continued to serve as a reservist in every Israeli war, up to and including the Yom Kippur War.

As a civilians, he opened a driving school, which he runs to this day. He also established a non-profit organization for driving instructors, and he served as its director. He also participated in government conferences about transportation issues.

In 1960, he married Malka Cohen (who has since passed away), and they had three children. He lives in Holon.