NAME: Suade Shaul


DATE OF BIRTH: July, 1931

Shaul Suade, son of Nissim and Edna was born July, 1931 in Jerusalem, the third of four brothers. The family made it to Jerusalem circa 1920. In 1935 Nissim’s cousin who was one of the founders of Netanya and suggested the family move there. The family moved to Netanya when Shaul was 4 years old and was one of the first families in the city. Shaul passed his childhood in Netanya, attended “Tachkamoni” school, joined the Beitar Youth Movement, and when he was about 15 years old, together with his friends, he joined the Lehi underground in the Youth Division.

He trained with his friends, including field exercises, fitness training and shooting. His schoolteacher, a member of Lehi, Eliyahu Yeshurun (Dr. Szabo) and Yeshiahu Becman, taught him Ideology. Shaul and his friends would hide weapons in milk jugs and store them in orchards in the outskirts of the city. At night, Lehi members, including Eliyahu Meizlish “Nathaniel” and Yossi Suade, Shaul’s cousin, would gather in the family shack, which was deserted, and from there they would go on poster hanging missions in the city. They would hang Lehi posters on windows and shops on the main street.

They would also go on reconnaissance missions of British bases in the Dora camp and Kfar Yona. In 1950 he enlisted in the IDF, in the 7th Brigade, 9th Battalion, he trained in artillery at Beit Jubrin and became a course instructor. Shaul fought in the Sinai War and spent 40 days in the Suez Canal. He also fought in the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

In 1952 he married Levana Baruch. They started a family in Netanya, and had three children (Nissan, Yossi and Limor) and eight grandchildren. Shaul worked his whole life in the diamond business in Netanya.