Rivka was born in August 1931 to Malka and Rahamim. She studied in Yesud HaMaala School in Tel Aviv. In her youth, she joined the Beitar Movement. In summer 1946, she joined Lehi and was assigned to the intelligence department (Dept. 6). Some months later, she was reassigned to the youth division, where she was involved in all of the operations: surveillance, communications and putting up posters throughout the city. On one such occasion, a British police patrol caught her and she was sent to Bethlehem Women’s Prison for a year.

One day in November 1947, with the help of Lehi members who came to visit her, she escaped and hid for three days in the home of supporters in Jerusalem.

After the Partition Plan was announced, Rivka was transferred to Tel Aviv. From then until March 1948, she was assigned to a Lehi base by the Rehovot train tracks, under the command of Uzi the Ginger (Dov Berman). Due to an accident with firearms, her leg was injured and she needed an operation. For this purpose, she was sent back to Tel Aviv to the home of supporters, where the surgeon came to operate on her and where she recuperated.

When the Lehi members joined the IDF, she enlisted as well, but she served only for a short amount of time.

On 29.8.1950, she married Meir Shammai, also of Lehi.

She worked in various occupations, including childcare.