Meir was born in 24.12.1924 in Aleppo, Syria, to Esther and Hayim. The family made aliyah illegally in 20.6.1941. Meir studied privately for external matriculation exams. At the same time, he worked in a brush factory in south Tel Aviv. He was very nationalist, and in 1943 he joined Beitar in Tel Aviv.

In early 1946, he joined Lehi. At first, he was involved in many different activities, until he was assigned to the staff printing and distributing underground newspapers, pamphlets and fliers, in a secret printing house in north Tel Aviv. This activity kept Meir busy for many hours, day and night, which meant that he could not hold down a regular job. He was given a permanent Lehi position and supported with a stipend. In addition, he also smuggled firearms and other materiel and stored them. He was arrested once by the British, who imprisoned him for a month, but ultimately, he was release due to a lack of evidence.

Meir joined the IDF with the other Lehi members on 29.5.1948, and he was assigned to the 8th Brigade. He served in all of its battles, and when the war ended, he re-upped on a permanent basis.

On 29.8.1950, he married Rivka Ben-Menashe, a fellow Lehi member with the nom de guerre Aliza.

Meir retired in May 1978, after thirty years of service, as command sergeant major. He went on to work for fourteen years in the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Department, until May 1993.